Jiaheng Yu

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). I received my PhD from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2023. 

My research interests are corporate finance and financial markets. 

Email: yujh@hku.hk. Office: 1017 K.K. Leung Building, HKU.  My HKU website. My CV is available here


[1] "Capital Spillover, House Prices, and Consumer Spending: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from House Purchase Restrictions", with Yinglu Deng, Li Liao and Yu Zhang, The Review of Financial Studies 35(6), June 2022, pp.3060-3099.

[2] "Subsidizing Failing Firms: Evidence from Chinese Restaurants", with Yinglu Deng, Fangzhou Lu and Hao Zheng, forthcoming at Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. [WP link] 

Working Papers

[1] "Getting the Banks on Board: Accounts Receivable Financing in the US  

[2] "The Case for Convenience: How CBDC Design Choices Impact Monetary Policy Pass-Through", with Rodney Garratt and Haoxiang Zhu [updated June 2022].

[3] "Undercutting the Exchanges: Private Trading, Fee Competition, and Price Discovery at the Market Close", with Jingxiong Hu [updated August 2022]

[4] "The Aggregate Return to Venture Investors", with Ravi Jagannathan, and Shumiao Ouyang. [updated Jan 2024]